Speech Therapy Done the Homeschool Way

Inside or out, at a desk or on their bed, at work or at play, children are always learning and language is at the heart of it all.


AZ Homeschool SLP provides speech therapy services for children throughout Arizona. We’re committed to identifying homeschool children with – or at risk for – communication or swallowing disorders, conducting thorough evaluations and providing therapy with a strong emphasis on parent participation and education.

The Homeschool Way

Among the many great things about homeschooling are the freedom to choose the teaching methods that work best for our children, and the ability to be directly involved in their learning. In that spirit, AZ Homeschool SLP seeks to provide more flexibility and options to Arizona families (homeschoolers or not!) for whom a clinic or public school setting may not be the right choice for their child’s therapy, and want to be more involved in the process.

We are an Empowerment Scholarship Account (ESA) ClassWallet Approved Provider

Conditions We Treat

Late Language Emergence AKA “late talker”
Speech Sound (Articulation) Disorders
Phonological Processing
Expressive & Receptive Language
Reading & Spelling
Voice Dysfunction
Swallowing & Feeding


Free Screenings & Consultations
Speech-Language & Feeding Therapy
Parent & Caregiver Education and Training
Follow-Up & Maintenance Visits
Telepractice State-Wide
Local In-Person Visits
On-Site Co-Op Visits
Adult Therapy Available
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I’m Courtney Brimm; I’m a wife, mom, homeschooler and certified speech-language pathologist (SLP) in the beautiful high desert of Central Arizona. I’ve been treating children and adults with communication and swallowing disorders in private clinic, hospital and school settings throughout Yavapai County since 2014. I started AZ Homeschool SLP to focus on reaching and serving homeschool children and families, but I also contract with schools and love working with adults, too. Outside of work, I’m usually reading, baking, spending time with my family, or just enjoying a quiet moment to pray and thank God for His amazing grace.

Email: info@azhomeschoolslp.com

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