Tongue Tip to the Top /t, d, n/ – Fitting Feedback Tip #3

Previously, I mentioned that our little ones tend to produce the most visible speech sounds first; those that involve the lips, like /m, p, b/ and /w/. From there, sound development follows a general path from the forward-most sounds toward the back of the mouth. So, from the lips, we move inward toward the back, […]

Feel the Noise… Makers – Fitting Feedback Tip #1

First, let’s take a second to notice the parts of our mouth working together: lips, tip of the tongue, back of the tongue, teeth, and top of the mouth. Plus, your voice box and lungs for air. These are the noise makers. Some are active and some are passive. Speech is so automatic that we […]

Fitting Feedback

Giving parents what they need to guide their children’s speech development Don’t you love how children naturally find shortcuts while learning to talk that lead to them saying adorable things like, “I wub you?” Me too. But how long do we relish their adorable words before we start wondering if it’s more than just a […]